A Must for the Entire Hog Production Industry

Preventing the spread of diseases in Canada's pig herds is a priority for the pork industry.  Biosecurity protocols in place on nearly all modern hog production facilities means the general public has no access to commercial hog operations.  Click here to read more on why it is so important for producers to limit access to their facilities. 

More information on the Canadian hog industry's Biosecurity Initiatives and research projects can be found at  the Canadian Pork Council Website.

Canadian Food inspection Agency - Animal Biosecurity

Biosecurity planning helps to ensure that practices routinely carried out on your farm are beneficial to animal health. Having good biosecurity practices in place on the farm is proven to reduce the introduction of diseases. Special focus should be given to pig movements, visitors and personnel entry protocols, transport vehicle sanitation, deadstock removal and manure handling practices. Read more about the National Biosecurity Standards and Biosecurity Principles - CSHB

General biosecurity measures for producers and veterinarians

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