Producer Registration

The Pork Industry Development Plan Regulations, 2013 require all hog producers in the province to register with Sask Pork. This applies to anyone raising and/or marketing hogs. Upon registering you will be issued a Premises I.D. (PID) number which automatically links your farm to the National Hog Identification and Traceability Program (PigTrace) which became mandatory in 2014. A unique ‘herd mark’ (also called a tattoo number) will be assigned to your farm at that time. 

What is premises identification?        

Premises identification is the assignment of a unique identification number to a parcel of land where livestock or poultry may be located. Premises identification connects animal traceability to geographic locations.  Why is premises identification important to traceability?

Premises identification is a key component of the Canadian swine traceability system; the other two are animal identification and movement reporting. In the event of a food safety issue or foreign animal disease outbreak in the pork sector, premises identification gives animal health officials and food safety officials the ability to link an issue to specific locations. Premises identification is also a quick and simple way to demonstrate a healthy herd status in the event that your premises is not involved.

Who should register their premises?

To register with Sask Pork, download the Premises Registration Form which can be completed online and faxed, mailed or scanned/emailed to Mark Ferguson at   For additional information on registering your farm,  please contact Mark at (306) 244-7752.

Any person who houses livestock or poultry should register their premises.  Premises identification is just as important to small, backyard producers as it is to large corporations.

Swine premises include

  • Farms / stables
  • Feedlots
  • Pastures
  • Community pastures
  • Abattoirs / assembly yards
  • Auction / livestock facilities
  • Rendering plants
  • Zoos / petting zoos
  • Exhibitions / fair grounds / competition facilities
  • Veterinary hospitals and labs
  • Insemination centres
  • Research facilities