Transporting Hogs

Code of Practice-Transportation

This code is intended to achieve a workable balance between the best interests of the animals and the transportation industry. 

Transportation can be one of the most stressful situations an animal experiences and can cause a number of physiological and behavioural changes.

This code recognizes the basic principle that humaneness towards animals is the prime consideration in animal transportation and that animals which are treated well and protected from stress arrive at their destination in far better physical and mental condition.

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Saskatchewan Transportation Manifests

These are available from Sask Pork- call (306) 244-7752 or email us.

Livestock Transport Requirements in Canada

Every person responsible for transporting animals in Canada must ensure that the entire transportation process including loading, transit and unloading - does not cause injury or undue suffering to the animals. Read more here.

Transport Quality Assurance TQA Certification

A licensing agreement with the United States National Pork Board allows Sask Pork to deliver the TQA® program to Saskatchewan livestock transporters. More than 700 haulers and transporters in the province have benefited from the additional training and are certified under the Trucker Quality Assurance (TQA) program and Canadian Livestock Transport (CLT) programs offered in Saskatchewan and Alberta. More than 700 trucking personnel have been certified to date in Saskatchewan under TQA training delivered by Sask Pork.  TQA Program.

Certified Livestock Transport Training

The Certified Livestock Transport (CLT) Training Program is a comprehensive training course and support service for livestock truckers, shippers and receivers in Saskatchewan and Alberta. This program offers modules that relate to cattle, poultry, hogs, sheep and horses. More information.

Humane Handling of Pigs

It is completely unacceptable for unfit animals - those that are sick, injured or would suffer unduly if not handled properly - to be transported to market. These animals require immediate action. Legislation and animal welfare standards in Saskatchewan establish standards for the euthanasia or slaughter of unfit hogs. Producers and others who handle animals must carry out the necessary due diligence. This is not only to ensure they understand their responsibilities, but also to demonstrate they have carried them out.

  • Standards for Humane Handling of Compromised Pigs
  • Standards for Handling Unfit Swine
  • Conditions That Result in Condemnation
  • Health Conditions That are Painful and Require Special Handling
  • Sows and Boars
  • Euthanasia Guidelines
  • Federal Acts
  • Provincial Acts 

Biosecure Trailer Entry