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For information on the Verified Canadian Program co-branding opportunities, contact: Kevin Mosser | Director, National Marketing | Canada Pork International | PO Box 29084 Hespeler PO | Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, N3C 0E6 | T: 519.260.0571 

Our Quality Assurance Guarantee

From Farm to Table this is our quality assurance. Locally farmed, federally approved and globally distributed. Canadian Pork Farmers and Processors have come together to offer an exciting opportunity for the restaurant industry: Farm to Table Quality Assurance for guests and marketing support for distributors and foodservice operators.  


Verified Canadian Pork™ (VCP) is a trademarked brand owned by participating farmers and pork processors dedicated to offering premium quality Canadian pork traditionally raised and minimally processed under some of the highest food safety standards in the world.

Canadian Quality Assurance (CQA®)

CANADA’S ON-FARM QUALITY AND SAFETY ASSURANCE SYSTEM. CQA® promotes best-management practices for animal care and food safety to ensure some of the best quality and safest pork in the world.

Responsible Animal Care

THE CODES OF PRACTICE FOR THE CARE AND HANDLING OF PIGS IN CANADA. The codes of practice are nationally developed guidelines for housing, care, transportation and animal husbandry.

Pigtrace Canada 

NATIONAL LIVESTOCK IDENTIFICATION AND TRACEABILITY SYSTEM. Canada is the only country in North America to implement a national swine identification and traceability system with mandatory participation by all producers, ensuring the highest level of herd health and safety.

Raised without added Growth Hormones

Canadian farmers do not use growth hormones to raise pigs.

Processing Quality and Safety Assurance System

Verified Canadian Pork™ processors are CFIA federally registered HACCP approved plants maintaining the highest standards for freshness, quality and safety.

Learn more about the Verified Canadian Pork™ program here. 

Merchandising Pork

In this videos series for Retailers and Food Service professionals Canada Pork International explores different applications for often under-utilized in retail and foodservice. Chef Michael Young offers new and creative methods of adding value in the meat case by merchandising pork to its full potential.