Building a New Barn

Growth and expansion is necessary for any industry and pork production is no exception. Opportunities exist for new barn development and contract finishing in Saskatchewan.

We are currently Canada’s fifth largest pork producing province. Our abundance of available feed grains, large arable land base suitable for environmentally safe production and long distances between farms, make Saskatchewan an ideal location for raising hogs.  

Pork production is technologically advanced, efficient and highly productive. Our audited on-farms food safety and animal care programs ensure consistently high quality pork. Today we produce about 2.0 million hogs per year and export significant quantities of pork and live pigs inter-provincially and internationally.  

The pork industry employs more than 1000 people in urban and rural communities and contributes significant economic spinoffs to these regions. About 71% of a farm’s expenditures are spent within 80 kms of the operation. In addition, hog manure is a valuable, nutrient-dense natural fertilizer that can add value to local grains production.

Getting Started!