Cook Once Eat Twice

Save Time in the Kitchen!

We are excited to partner with  Nancy S. Hughes.  Nancy is a nationally recognized bestselling author and recipe developer. She has written 19 nationally published cookbooks as well as developed recipes for 60 additional cookbooks with over 7,500 published recipes to her credit. She definitely knows her stuff. This set of recipes is perfect for busy families as you can make two delicious meals but only cook once!


Nancy S. Hughes

Bestselling Author and Recipe Developer

Recipe 1:

Pork Thai Fry

What could be better than your favourite Asian flavours coming together to create two meals in one.

This quick and easy soup is perfect for those busy family nights when you don’t have time to cook.

Tender, juicy pork tenderloin roasted with sweet potato, onion and served with aioli is the perfect start to this cook once eat twice meal.

This simple and delicious sandwich is sure to become a family favourite.